Tuscany travelling tips


Directions to the properties!



There are two international airport in Tuscany.

They are serviced by many daily direct international flights:

Arriving in Pisa
London Stansted flights by Ryanair - www.ryanair.com
London Gatwick flight by British airways - www.british-airways.com
Amsterdam, Bruxelles, Barcellona, Madrid, Hamburg, frankfurt, Hannover, Bohn, MOntecarlo-Nice, Paris

Arrriving in Florence
Amsterdam, Barcelona, Brussels, Frankfurt, London Gatwick, Munich, Nice, Paris C. de Gaulle, Timisoara, Vienna, Zurich

Domestic flights to all major Italian cities check Alitalia www.alitalia.it for details

For intercontinental flights one must arrive in Milan Malpensa or Roma Fiumicino and then get a connecting flight to one of the above airports depending where your villa is situated. Check the how to get here info of your choosen Villa.

In all Villa rentals it is highly recommended that when you arrive at selected Tuscan airport you rent a hire car to reach your final destination.


If you're travelling by car, you can take the A1 to Tuscany from Milan and Bologna in the north, or from Rome and Naples in the south. This is the backbone of the Italian road network, the intersecting of the dual carriageway which links Florence to Pisa, Livorno makes it very easy to get around.
City centres are usually fraught with one-way systems, limited traffic zones and erratic drivers who may not even comply with traffic light instructions -it is recommended only to the confident drivers, this problem only really arises in Florence for Tuscany which can be easily reached by train instead to avoid any confusion.


There are trains for every type of journey. The quaint, maddeningly slow locali (stopping trains), a rapid intercity service or luxurious, superfast pendolino which rushes with a speed to match the price. However there is a good network. Booking is obligatory on pendolino and some intercity services. Buying a ticket at least five hours in advance entitles the traveller to a free seat reservation -a wise move. Always buy the ticket in advance. It can be bought on the train but with a surcharge. If you are planning more than a one off, short joumey see a travel agent as there are some good deals especially for families. Online booking at www.fs-on-line.it
So day outings to cities like Florence are recommended so not to hassle with the parking in the centre of town.


Fare dodging is common, but so are inspectors. The fine is 50 times the price ofthe ticket. So tickets must be bought in advance from newsstands, bars, tabacconists or the bus tenninal. They must be validated on entering the bus in the machine by the steps. There is not a return ticket so ifyou plan to go and return by bus, buy all the tickets you need before you start the journey.


Official taxis are white in the cities with a taxi sign on the roof. Generally it is costly. If you telephone for a taxi, the meter starts immediately so there could be a high charge before it ever gets to you. It is better to find a taxi rank.